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The origin and history of IL VIANDANTE

The year 2002 was the 200 year anniversary of Canton Tessin’s membership in the Swiss Confederation.

The idea to install a monument created by Pedro Pedrazzini in honour of this festival, held on the Gotthard between the “Seelein” and the “Hospiz”, was enthusiastically welcomed by the organizing committee. Pedro Pedrazzini was commissioned with creating an allegorical statue to symbolize this historic event as well as act as guide and monument for the future. This was the birth of “il Viandante”, the figure of a wanderer, more particular of mountain passes. This Viandante, who brings his knowledge and his culture via the Gotthard to the north and from there returns with that knowledge and that culture to the south. His strong, tireless feet and his large hands, held open for communication, symbolize this desire to bring and to convey knowledge and abilities to other people in other regions, cultural areas and countries by means of hiking. Ultimately, this hiking / knowledge leads to more wealth, education and progress.

Finemetal and Pedro Pedrazzini together with the world renowned refinery Argor Heraeus made the IL VIANDANTE become reality. This trilogy of artwork, smelter and trade combines and represent the wonderful legend and facts of the mountain pass wanderer in a highly professional and everlasting way.